Packages are available for pickup when a confirmation email from HOB has been received.

(Not a delivery notification from the shipper or carrier).
If a package has been delivered and is not yet logged into the system, it is not available

for pickup.
Due to the high volume of packages we receive daily, we simply cannot stop our receiving process to look for a specific package. We have a very efficient system that allows us to log packages quickly and with the exception of the holidays, will be logged in by end of day as long as packages are delivered to us in a timely manner.

If someone else is picking up your shipment they must have the email confirmation you received,

or original invoice with tracking number. Additionally, you may have up to 3 separate  names authorized to pick up on your account at any time.

During the border closure the bottom statements do not apply, unless you had something here over 45 days prior to 3/18/20 or if you have a pallet here.
45 days storage Fees Start at $0.50 a day per package for packages 44lbs and under, and $1.00

for packages 45lbs and up.

Tires and Pallet storage fees start after 7 days. The fees are $1.00 per day.

If not picked up in 90 days the item will be disposed of.

Retain your tracking number(s) until you have received your package. If you should have a package that is overdue, we will need your:

Customer number
Exact shipper info,
and the tracking number.

Type your paragraph here.

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Holiday Closures

Regular (Covid-19) Hours:                                                           

Our next holiday closure will be Monday October 11th 2021.

M-F 9-3

Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I signed up for an account and received an email with a user name. Is this my customer number?
A: Yes, your user name and customer number are the same. If you haven't received an email, check your junk or spam folder. 

Q: I signed up for an account but haven't ordered anything yet. Do I need to sign up again?
A: No. One initial sign up is all you need to do. Once you've received a Customer number, that is always your number. 

Q: I ordered an item and it was confirmed delivered by the carrier but I haven't received an email from Hagen's of Blaine yet. What can I do?

A: To check to see if the parcel is logged in yet, you may access your account at Additionally, 24 hours after delivery you can bring in the tracking number and we can search the system for the package.

Q: My parcel is scheduled to arrive today. Can I pick it up today?
A: Parcels are not ready for pick up until they are scanned into the system. Although it is rare we do not get everything scanned in by end of day, we still cannot guarantee same day pick up as delivery due to high volume. 

Q: I ordered a parcel under my friends account but they haven't gotten an email notification yet. Is it there?
A: If you have ordered under an account your name is not on, an account will be created for you when the parcel arrives. Therefore, no email notifications will be sent out. Additionally, the head of the account is the only person authorized to make changes to the account. If friends are ordering under the account, we ask that they add them PRIOR to ordering. 

Q: I addressed my parcel to HOB with my customer number but have not received notification yet. Do you have my parcel?
A: If it is addressed to HOB with only a customer number (no name) it will get scanned into our HOB account. This will protect your parcel in case of the shipper's error in addressing with only a customer number. To pick the parcel up, simply bring the tracking number into Hagen's of Blaine. 

Q: I'm not able to come down within the 45-day time frame. (i.e. I was on vacation. My NEXUS card expired. My passport expired...) Will I still have to pay storage fees?

A: Yes. Although these are all valid reasons for not being able to pick up within a certain time frame, in fairness to all of our customers, we must keep our policies in place. We do not waiver from any of our policies for any reason. 

Q: I cannot make it down to pick up my parcels. Can a friend pick them up for me?
A: Yes. Just send them in with the confirmation email either printed or on a smart phone. Also, you may have up to 3 additional names on your account that are always authorized to pick up for you. We can add those names to your account at any time. 

Q: I've been expecting an envelope (i.e. rebate, credit card, etc...) and haven't gotten notification. How do I know if it is there?

A: We file General Delivery mail alphabetically, however USPS regulations state your customer number must be on the envelope or we cannot accept it. It will be refused and sent back to the shipper.  We do not log it into the system, therefore no notification is given. Simply ask at the front counter when you come in. We do not stop to check for General Delivery mail over the phone. All mail is held for 60 days before being Returned to Sender.

Q: I got tied up at the border. The wait was longer than I expected. Will someone still be there after closing?

A: No. As with any other type of business, Hagen's of Blaine has set hours. We open on time and close on time.

Thank you for understanding.