COVID-19 Updates:

June 30, 2021

Hagen's of Blaine will be closed July 5th in observance of Independence day.

Happy Canada day to our friends up north!

We really miss you!


          Hello ATBM customers. Welcome to Hagen's of Blaine Inc.   If you need to contact us please feel free to call or email us through the "contact us" link on our website.  We are looking forward to the border opening as we know you are.  We don't know when that will be, but we are hoping soon.

When you get a chance, please look over the website. We are very similar in pricing and services but there are a few differences.  In regards to the prepaid cards, they will be honored until 1/1/22. So once the border opens up be sure to use them promptly. The hope is to see your happy smiling faces sooner than later.

Due to the border closure we have not been charging storage on standard packages, however if a customer has a package with us they are required to pay the annual fee.  This fee can be paid ahead of time through your account. 

You will be getting emails from noreply@hagensofblaine. They are not junk, please accept them. These are emails showing packages have been logged into our system, overnight locker information, welcome emails, etc.  We are relogging all packages from ATBM into our system. This could take a couple of weeks. You will be assigned a number with Hagen's.  If possible, this will be the same number you've been using at ATBM. If it is not the same please make note of your the new customer ID in the email you receive from us.  Once you have been assigned a number you can go to the contact us heading on the top of the page and hit the "Click here to sign in" button. The first time signing in you will need to reset your password. By doing this you can see what packages you have here, pay for your annual fee, or load prepaid credits on your account which can be used in store or for the 24 hour locker service. 

​Once the border is open please check our website or our Facebook page for any possible changes in business hours.

Thank you,

Hagen's of Blaine Inc.

February 22, 2021

Hello everyone,

We still are not charging storage due to the border closure. 
To help us to be able to keep this from happening, we need help on a few things.

If you have packages here or receive packages during the closure, we ask that you keep the annual fee up to date. If you have 4 or more packages here, we would like you to buy prepaid credits. This helps us stay solvent, and makes for a more hands free transaction when the border opens and picking up resumes.

The annual fee notice is automatic. If you receive this and do not have or are not going to receive packages until the border reopens just ignore it and pay the annual fee once you start using us again.

August 10, 2020

As things are ever changing, at this time we are requiring customers who currently have packages here that we are holding (as of now w/o storage fees) that at minimum pay the annual fee. 

This will help us to keep the doors open during this time, continue to receive packages, and giving you the option of us forwarding or you having a courier to pick up for you.

As Of August 10th we will need to start charging storage on pallets. As of now this is pallets only. The fee is $1 per day per pallet after 7 days, oversized and double pallets are $2 per day. Any pallets that have been here over 7 days will start accruing storage fees on August 10th.
Please update the Annual fee if you currently have packages here, as well as load prepaid credits on to your account if you have 4 or more parcels with us. Our hope I that by doing this we can avoid having to charge storage fees on regular packages. This will help our business stay solvent during this prolonged border closure, and make it a more hands free pick up for you when the border does open.
Lastly, if you are able to cross the border please keep in mind that masks are required in all businesses in the State of Washington, as well as 6 feet social distancing.

Thank you and stay safe,

Hagen’s of Blaine Inc.