Small Mailbox  (3.5 x 4.5)                    $9.00 per month

Medium            (5.25 x 5.5)                $14.00 per month

Large                 (10.75 x 6.0)              $20.00 per month

Address as follows......

Your Name (Customer Number)

816 Peace Portal Drive

Blaine WA 98230

Only First Class mail will be held in General Delivery for 60 days.

If unclaimed, returned to sender.

General Delivery fee is $1.00 per item.

There is no notification on mail, nor do we check via phone.

You must ask in person.

Additional Notices:

Magazine subscriptions are not classified as First-Class Mail, and therefore are not

held. If you would like to receive magazines please sign up for a PMB prior to ordering.


You log into your account.

Click on "Overnight Lockers" Follow the prompts to request your item

in the locker.

You may add money to your account. Click on the "Buy Paid Credits"

tab next to the request tab.

You can have up to 20 parcels per request for one small fee.

The fee is $1.00 per locker request.

Locker requests made by 1pm M-F.

With the exception of holiday closures.

Packages are left in the locker for 72 hours. If not picked up in that time

the packages will be put back on the shelf with a $.50 (or $1.00 for items over 

44 pounds) per day fee until it is picked up. No free days storage. Storage will

start the first day it was pulled.

You must be an annual fee member.

All requests must be done electronically by the above mentioned cut off times.
we cannot fill via phone.


                                   Shipper's fee +

Sending                    $3.00

Insurance                 $0.25 per $100.00

Postage                    $0.10 -$0.25 each stamp.

We currently ship via UPS or USPS.

Shipping closes 15 minutes prior to closing.

HOB is a drop-off location for FedEx, UPS, and USPS prepaid labels.

During the border closure we are forwarding packages on a case by case basis. 

If this is something you are interested in use the contact us button above. 

Then use the click here for support button. We can help you from there.


To receive freight or pallet shipments they must be addressed to:

Your Name (Customer Number)
816 Peace Portal Drive
Blaine WA 98230

Fees are as follows.

An average pallet dimensions are 40" x 48" with a max height of 72".

Annual fee paid.

Up to 1 week.                                      $25.00

Annual fee not paid                           $30.00

If dimensions are exceeded in total up to 24" length or width, or a height

more than 72", or a weight exceeding 1000lbs. then a $10.00 surcharge is applied.

If dimensions are exceeded in total over 24",

or if the pallet weight exceeds 1500lbs. then there will be a

2 pallet fee.

Storage fees apply after one week at the fee of $1.00 per pallet (shipment) per day.

All freight/pallet shipments must be picked up between the hours of 9-2 M-F. 

Any pallets or freight shipments that are being refused for any reason are subject to a minimum $15.00 up to $25.00 refusal fee (depending on the weight and size of pallet). This must be paid prior to refusal being picked up.


No refunds on Annual Fee.

Annual Fee is based on a full year.

                             Annual Fee               


Under 44lbs               $2.50                           

45lbs - 99lbs               $5.00                          

100lbs  - 150lbs        $10.00                       

All Tires                        $5.00                        

C.O.D.'s  (Must be pre-arranged)

                                     $3.00 extra

Once signed up, you will receive an email confirmation.

This email will include your User ID and Customer Number.

Please be aware that email correspondence from our system will be sent from

Watch for emails and ensure any spam filters allow for their proper delivery.

The email address above is not monitored. Send all requests/questions via the

contact form link on the last page of this site.

Please address your package as follows:

Your Name (Customer Number)

816 Peace Portal Drive

Blaine WA 98230

Please do not include Hagen's of Blaine on the shipping label.

If shipper requires a phone number please provide your own, not Hagen's of Blaine.